Confidence Building for Becoming A Millionaire

Confidence Building for Becoming A Millionaire

“I always knew I was going to be rich. I don't think I ever doubted it for a minute.” – Warren Buffet

Ted's Top Tips #3

Be Provocative. 

If copy doesn't bother or offend someone it usually doesn't work! 

When getting feedback on new copy from colleagues, JV partners, affiliates, advertising media and prospects, if everyone likes it, watch out! 

Nearly every time I write a breakthrough ad or sales letter it pulls orders and also bothers someone.

Great copy gets attention by being provocative. And interrupting usual thinking habits.

Ted's Top Tips #2

Use either "ragged" right or justified right margin for each column of copy when you create Internet copy, a letter or for a website or when you have a space ad set in type.

Ted tested both and saw no effect in response rates.

Use Ariel or Times Roman online. 
Use Courier typeface in sales letters offline. 

Some call it old fashioned, experience shows that Courier out-pulls any other type style. 

The typewriter "me to you" look "feels" more personal and urgent.

Ted's Top Tips #1

Spend up to 80% of your time on the headline of a space ad or sales letter.

And your e-mail subject line. (Your letter headline can often be used as the teaser copy for the envelope.) Reason? Potential customers won't bother to read your email unless captivated by your subject line.

Plus, 50% to 80% of the sales success offline of your advertising message is a direct result of your headline. That means your message loses up to 80% of its effectiveness without a strong headline! 

Another important reason to invest this time is that the offer's positioning is determined by the headline theme.

That's A Headline!

Ted Nicholas The $6 Billion Dollar Man

Ted Nicholas has sold more than $6 billion in products – that’s more than any other guru! He’s owned 23 businesses, made millions in direct mail, knows the ins and outs of negotiating, and has written and tested copy for more than 30 years.