$6 Billion In Sales

How I Sold $6 Billion In Products Using These Direct Response Methods

Ted Nicholas has sold more than $6 billion in products – that’s more than any other guru! 

He’s owned 23 businesses, made millions in direct mail, knows the ins and outs of negotiating, and has written and tested copy for more than 30 years

Imagine how easy marketing would be if you could consult an expert for all your business dealings. Someone who has already made the mistakes you’re about to make and can tell you a better approach – a winning approach.

It could save you thousands and make you millions. Ted Nicholas is doing just that and in this interview you’ll hear some of his tried and true methods that have earned him his guru status.

According to Ted Nicholas, most copywriters think it’s important to cater to as many prospects as possible, but if you cast your net too wide, you’ll neglect your niche-specific customer and essentially shoot yourself in the foot. And in this interview, you’ll hear how to make sure your marketing is narrow, targeted and as effective as possible.

You’ll Also Learn…

The most costly mistake Ted has ever made – and how to easily avoid making something similar

How Ted grows his list and keeps it hot

Tips for renting lists and ways to prevent yourself from getting ripped off

How the internet has affected the direct mail business and what you need to know to make it nowadays

How Ted consistently gets 80% off his magazine advertising – Come to find out, you just need to ask for the discounts that only the pros know about

An analysis of one of Ted’s sales letters – from the font color to the headline and length, everything is calculated

Why Ted says you should never promote anything you’re not passionate about – and the one lesson he learned straight from Napoleon Hill

Whether or not testimonials are as strong as they used to be – and how to use them to invoke the kind of emotions you want

How to use “scare-city” tactics to effectively call people to action

And much, much more

Ted says he’s an entrepreneur first. He started out with zero, knows what it’s like to be on the other side of the desk, and knows how to get people into the mindset to succeed. 

So if you’ve ever dreamed of having a guru in your pocket to consult whenever you need to, this audio interview is for you.

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