Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets (How to Get a Massive Bang for Your Marketing Buck Online and Offline)

I have read this book 5 times and am currently using as a text book for marketing. 

If you are interested on how to write and construct an ad (from soup to nuts), this book is for you. 

I have read countless book on copywriting and this book really demystifies on how to write an ad (Direct Response Ad) for any media, this is the best book for copywriting. 

Ted says he usually spent 80% of his time just on the title alone (subject header). 

Thus, the titles are thus his magic words! 

I love the chapter on "11 secrets of a successful ad", he explains how to construct an ad that brings in money.

The titles of each chapter of this book are just plain gold. His strategies and value creation are just amazing (such as talking about the secrets of writing and publishing success). 

Also, Ted Nicholas is one of the top three marketers alive, the other two being Jay Abraham and Dan Kennedy.

I would recommend this book to any marketer, whether you are a beginner or advanced, his advice and strategies will make you take action immediately.

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